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Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

a) Upon receipt of a manuscript, the Managing Editor will send an e-mail of confirmation to the corresponding author within five working days.

b) The Managing Editor will return any un-reviewed manuscript which falls outside the scope and policy of SLJB to the corresponding author within five working days.

c) The peer review process will be handled by the Editorial Board led by the Editor in Chief. A double-blind system of peer reviewing will be used where reviewers’ and authors’ identities remain anonymous. The manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two experts.

d) Reviewer’s comments/decisions are notified to the corresponding author by e-mail.

e) If the manuscript is accepted, the authors should revise accordingly and submit the final version within the specified period. Otherwise, the manuscript will be considered as being withdrawn by the corresponding author. Decision of the Editorial Board shall be final in this regard.

f) After publication, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail notification.

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